Trade Credit Insurance

Dupuy Insurance is an insurance agency that specialize in selling Personal insurance or Business insurance products 24 hours/ 7 days a week.  One of many products we offer is called Trade credit insurance others may have called it export credit insurance, credit insurance, account receivable insurance or business credit insurance.

Protect Against Non-Payment

Are you seeking a cost effective and flexible way to ensure you get paid for services and goods you supply? Get Trade insurance through us.

We understand your business needs and requirements to stay in business and grow in business that is why we offer trade solution.

Did you know changes in regulations can have a negative effect on business such as import and/or export? Safeguard your cash flow today against bad debt.

Trade credit insurance, export credit insurance, credit insurance, account receivable insurance or business credit insurance is a trade insurance policy and a financial risk management tool offered by private credit insurance companies which enable you to trade with confidence.  With trade credit insurance you can explore new products and markets.  Manage your trade risk with credit insurance. Protect your business cash flow in the event of losses from non-payment, insolvency, inability, or refusal to pay from credit risk. In addition, Trade credit insurance helps protect unfortunate events such as bad debt losses.


You can grow your business venture knowing that Credit insurance does more than protect a company from bad debt losses, it is a type of policy that will help protect your business from insolvencies of the businesses you do business with.

– Trade Credit Insurance –

Find new business opportunities and have a competitive edge when your competitors cannot, try offering open credit terms. Manage your customer payments at ease and provided better service with existing clients and new clients. Get the confidence to increase their credit lines.

Trade Credit Benefits:

  • mitigate risk of non-payment
  • protect cash flow/Balance sheet
  • helps protect from unpaid invoices
  • enhance your existing credit control procedures
  • optimize the recovery rate of outstanding invoices
  • helps profitability.

Utilize your trade insurance as a financial tool for your business trade and more.

Trade Credit Insurance
Ask us about export credit guarantee corporation or traders insurance company, we will be happy to assist and answer all your questions to the best of our ability.

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